The Power of Scheduled Play - Play Ideas for Families

The Power of Scheduled Play - Play Ideas for Families


The Play Deck has officially launched and is quickly becoming a top toy in our space! With 50 play ideas right at your fingertips, the creativity we are seeing from families is truly amazing. Our mission is to create connection with kids, through play.

Whether you've purchased the Play Deck for yourself or got it as a great gift for grandparents, babysitters or your beloved caretakers, the Play Deck can be used to create endless play ideas and connection opportunities! 

One challenge parents have when it comes to play is time. Weekdays can feel hectic and play time with the kids can be the last thing on the priority list. So today we will explore more about the concept of scheduling play.

Scheduling Play Time

Scheduling play can be a helpful tool for families. Kids crave structure and life can get busy. We schedule time for our workouts, and carve out time for our errands, dedicated family play time can also be scheduled!

Scheduling play is especially useful if you know you need time to make dinner or get work done. Your kiddos feel like they had quality connection time and that can help them feel ready for more independent play.

“Mommy, come watch!”, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”, “Mooooom” starts piling up, that is your kids way of communicating a need for connection. Did you know, just 10 minutes of focused play can make a huge difference. Set the timer, put away your phone and be really present. Fill their cup so you can conquer the big task list with more ease!

Scheduled play can be done before or after dinner, before they get dressed for school or make it the first thing you do when you get home. Once your kids get used to the routine, you can start to shelf things for play time and communicate around it.

“I am so excited to play that game during our after dinner play time!”

“I loved our play time today, what do you want to play during our time tomorrow?”

The mental load of coming up with play ideas during scheduled playtime can be a barrier and a time suck! You don’t know what you want to play and your kids know you only have so much time. That’s where the Play Deck comes in! The Play Deck provides you with all the play ideas you need, removing the mental load!

We will share even more ideas next week but in the meantime, check us out on @imaginethatplay on instagram and tiktok for more activities and play ideas for your kids!

Happy Playing!


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