How to Make Meal Time More Fun for the Family!

How to Make Meal Time More Fun for the Family!

Kids not wanting to sit at the table and eat? Struggling at the end of a long day to entertain kids at a restaurant without a screen? The Play Deck is here with some more ideas on how to help make meals more fun!

Play at the table! What? Play at the table? Yes! Play doesn't always have to be physical movement. Your kids crave the feeling of something being fun. Find the fun, make the task a game, and watch as they transform from power struggle to excited.

Yes, the Play Deck has 50 imagination-based play ideas that gets you moving and playing all around the house, but there are ways we can turn these games into conversations!

Take the Play Deck play ideas and turn them into conversation starters for your kids.

"If you had any super power, what would it be?"

"If you were the pilot of a plane, where would you fly first?"

“If you were going to build a museum, what would you put in it?”

The magic here comes in the follow up questions! Dig into their answers and see if you can understand why they make the decisions they do and how they could expand on their idea.

It is so cool to see their brains think through these questions and their imaginations fly!

Try taking turns around the table and see what creative questions they could come up with to ask the family!

We will share even more ideas next week but in the meantime, check us out on @imaginethatplay on instagram and tiktok for more activities and play ideas for your kids!

Happy Playing!

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